Love Sharing Festival
IV edition

Organized by “Theandric”, a drama company taking an innovative and experimental approach to political theatre, “Love Sharing” is the first International Festival dedicated to the culture of peace and non- violence. The fourth edition will be held in October 2018 in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy). It will focus on Migrations.

How can non-violent research contribute to solve the issues linked to the migration phenomena?

Contemporary art, scientific research, social and political innovation get in touch with each other, with the territory, with the social and political institutions, with residents and citizens by challenging their views and engaging in debates in order to build an expanding net.

Will a world without wars and violence ever exist?
“Love Sharing” is an opportunity for children, young girls and young boys and adults to meet and share their energies to imagine, project and build a more sustainable future.


is a big celebration!
Join us!
Choose the Call
which is most
suitable for you!


is a big celebration!
Join us!
Choose the Call
which is most suitable
for you!

Through art, “Love Sharing” Festival helps creating this net aiming at outreach and dissemination in order to encourage relationships among schools and Universities and to promote social cohesion. For this reason, it directly involves associations, groups and residents in carrying out initiatives starting from both the centre and the outer boroughs of Cagliari metropolitan area.

Among “Love Sharing” calls a place for each category and discipline is reserved for those who are under 35. For groups or companies, we will consider most of the components’ age.

Make way for the youth!

Are you an artist?

Can the aesthetic experience as a specific way of knowledge contribute to the peaceful and non-violent solution of conflicts?

Call for artists

Are you a researcher or a scholar?

How can the scientific research and the social innovation together with the technological innovation applied to the social sector mould a peaceful and non-violent society?

Call for researchers and scholars

Are you an association, a group or a movement?

Which are the practices, the models, the services, the initiatives carried out by groups, associations, movements which embody the “alternative” nowadays?

Call for associations, groups, movements

Are you a volonteer?

Volunteers are the beating heart of our Festival and of its expanding net.

Call for volonteers

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